How Do I Get My Offline Kodak Printer Back Online?

Lots of reason could be there that results in your printer being offline. But avoid any kind of stress. Through this write-up, we will let you know some useful and convenient troubleshooting techniques to curb the “Printer is showing offline” nuisance. Perform it with due care:

How To Fix Kodak Printer Offline Error?

A) Do Check All Your Connections:

To resolve the issue, please check all your wired and wireless connections. Also, ensure that both ends of the USB are correctly inserted into the machines. It may look basic but you must check it as common mistakes take place because of the user’s ignorance. In addition to this, also see if there is any damage to the cable.

B) Remove Pending Print Jobs:

It has been commonly seen that printing machine malfunctions and go to sleep position due to an overload of print jobs. To get relief from this, move to your print jobs page and remove there all the pending print jobs. After then, you need to restart your Kodak printer.

C) Power Cycle The Whole Setup:

One more strategy you may adopt is to Switch Off your printing device, the PC to which it is connected as well as your home Wi-fi. In case, if the error is not so complicated, this simple remedy can bring you out of the mess. After waiting for a couple of minutes, switch ON the whole setup and check if the error has gone.

d) Make Your Printer Online Manually: Another Remedy You Can Try Out Is –

Go to your PC’s “Control panel’ and there make click on “Devices & Printers”. Next, right-click on the printer icon appearing on the screen and then choose the option named “Use Printer Online” from the drop-down menu. If any internal hardware failure or issues is not there with your printer, it would surely get back online after doing this. I hope you find the remedies discussed above beneficial. Still, if you have any queries or doubts feel free to ask our professionals. We will feel pleasure to assist you further.


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