How To Fix Ricoh Printer Offline Error? Easy Guide (2023)

IntroductionRicoh printers are popular for their high-quality printing and ease of use. However, they can sometimes encounter the ‘Offline’ error, which prevents users from printing.
Causes for Ricoh Printer Offline Error1. Network issues  2. Printer status errors  3. Outdated printer drivers  4. Incorrect printer settings  5. Inability to connect to SNMP or WMI protocols
Additional Solutions1. Modify the printer’s settings  2. Reinstall the printer drivers.
3. Restart the spooler service.

Offline Error is one of the most common, though essential, problems that Ricoh printers encounter. Users may be unable to print or perform any other work from the printer as a result of this issue, leaving them disappointed. Although Ricoh printers are known for their high-quality printing and ease of use, which makes them a popular choice. This laser printer allows you to scan, print, scan, and fax.

If you are also one of those who are unsure why your Ricoh Printer has gone offline and requires assistance? You’ve arrived at the right location. Here, in this article, we will discuss how the Ricoh Printer offline error occurs and how to solve it step by step

why is my ricoh printer Shows offline?

  • Network Issues: Sometimes, the printer may appear offline if there are issues with your network connection. This could be due to a router problem, interference with the Wi-Fi signal, or an Ethernet cable that is not properly plugged in. If your printer is connected wirelessly, make sure the Wi-Fi is stable, and try moving the printer closer to the router.
  • Printer Status Errors: The printer may be in sleep or offline mode. This can occur if the printer has been left idle for a long time. You may need to manually switch the printer back to online mode to resolve this.
  • Outdated Printer Drivers: If the drivers for your Ricoh printer are outdated, it can cause the printer to show offline. In this case, you’ll need to update the drivers to the latest version compatible with your operating system.
  • Incorrect Printer Settings: If your Ricoh printer settings are incorrect, the printer could appear offline. This could be because it’s not set as the default printer or due to incorrect port settings. Check your printer settings to ensure they are correctly configured.
  • 5.Printer status can sometimes be retrieved via one of two protocols: SNMP or WMI. If your printer is unable to connect to these protocols, it will display the incorrect printer status and will not be able to print. WMI is the more dependable of the two protocols. Switching from SNMP to WMI will fix your Ricoh Printer offline problem.

The methods to disable the SNMP connection on your Ricoh printer and set it to WMI are outlined below. If you find the procedure difficult or encounter any problems, please contact us for assistance.

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How to set the protocol to WMI only and disable the SNMP?

Follow the steps below to update your Ricoh printer settings from SNMP to WMI :

  • Go to Print and Share settings on your Ricoh printer first.
  • Change is selected, and then Profiles is selected from the upper right corner.
  • Select General Configuration from the drop-down menu under Profiles, then General Settings.
  • You may now examine the protocols that are used to detect printer status. If SNMP or another technique is selected, change it to WMI.
  • Finally, press OK to save your changes and return to the home screen.
Check your Ricoh printer’s status to see whether it’s back online. You can also try submitting a print job to see if your printer will accept it. If the problem persists then try the next remedy for the solution.
NOTE: If you’re running an old version of Windows, the Printer’s functionality and speed may suffer. In that situation, you must update the device to the most recent version. Go to Settings, then to the “Update & Security” section, and then to the “Check for updates” button. If there are any updates available, Windows will notify you. The printing chores will no longer be hampered after installing the current update.
The Solution discussed above is the most common solution which fixes the Ricoh Printer offline error. If your issue is still unresolved, you can try the 3 hacks discussed below to make your Ricoh Printer work again.


How Do I Get My Ricoh Printer Back Online : 

1. Modify the Ricoh Printer’s Settings : If you modify the printer settings, you will most likely get an offline error. This issue can arise whether the system is wired or wireless. To avoid this, you must adjust the printer’s settings. To restore the default printer settings in Windows 10, follow the instructions outlined below:
  • To begin, press the Start Button. Go to the Search Bar and type “Control Panel” into it. To enter the Control Panel Window, press the “Enter” key.
  • Locate the “Devices And Printers” option in the Control Panel Window. Check if the Ricoh Printer’s correct model name is listed in the “Default” column by tapping on it.
  • Once you’ve found the Ricoh Printer’s name, right-click it and select “See what’s printing” from the drop-down menu.
  • Remove any tasks that haven’t been completed. Go to the queue window now and select the “Printer” tab.
  • Make sure the “Use Printer Offline” option is unchecked by tapping on it.
Printer should be  connected to the computer after checking and unchecking the relevant options. It’s also vital to double-check that the USB cables are plugged into the correct ports. Now try to “Print” and If still your printer showing offline then move to the next section.
2. Reinstall the Ricoh Printer drivers : If you keep getting the “offline” message, it could be due to a corrupted printer driver. In such circumstances, removing the printer driver is the only option.
After you’ve uninstalled the printer driver, you’ll need to reinstall it for Ricoh Printer to work properly.
To remove the printer driver from the device, follow the instructions outlined below:
  • Go to the Control Panel and then select “Devices and Printers.”
  • Look for a Ricoh printer and right-click it when you locate it.
  • Select the “Remove Device” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Following that, a confirmation notice will appear on the screen. To confirm the action, click the “Yes” button.
Open your web browser after you’ve finished uninstalling the printer. Then go to the address bar and search for the most recent Ricoh printer driver. Download it to your device, then double-click the setup file to install the printer driver. You will be able to resolve the offline issue after installing the most recent version of the printer driver.
3. Restart the spooler service : If the Print Spooler Service is down, the printer will not work properly. The offline error can occur in the majority of circumstances if the spooler service is somehow turned off by the user. As a result, you must verify that the Print Spooler service is active. If it isn’t, the service may need to be restarted. To accomplish this, carefully follow the instructions listed below:
  • To open the Run dialogue box, press and hold the Windows and R keys at the same time.
  • When the Run dialogue box appears, type “services. msc” and then press the “Enter” key.
  • Search for the “Print Spooler” service in the Service window that displays on the screen.
  • Once you’ve got it, right-click it and choose “Restart” from the drop-down menu.
Conclusion : We believe that after completing the instructions above, your problem will be resolved, and you may now use your Ricoh printer without difficulty. However, if you continue to have issues with your printer, you should seek quick assistance from our professionals. You could use our 24/7 Live Chat Support if you do not want to wait in call queues of official helplines or you want to resolve your issues instantly. customer service representative will listen to your problem and link you with the appropriate professional to solve your issue within no time.

FAQ”S : 

Q: Can outdated drivers cause a Ricoh printer to go offline?
A: Outdated drivers can indeed cause your Ricoh printer to go offline. Drivers are crucial software components allowing your computer and printer to communicate effectively. If they need to be updated, they may be unable to facilitate this communication as efficiently, causing your printer to appear offline. Hence, it is always recommended to keep your printer drivers updated. Here’s how you can do that:
    • Visit Ricoh’s official website.
    • Look for the ‘Support & Downloads section.
    • Search for your printer model.
    • Download the latest driver that is compatible with your operating system.
    • Install the downloaded driver and restart your computer.

Q:How can I prevent my Ricoh printer from going offline in the future?
A:There are several strategies you can adopt to prevent your Ricoh printer from going offline in the future:

    • Regularly update your printer drivers: As mentioned above, outdated drivers can cause your printer to go offline. Always make sure to keep them updated.
    • Maintain a stable network connection: If your printer is connected to your computer via a network, ensure the connection is stable and reliable.
    • Set your Ricoh printer as the default printer: Sometimes, your computer might attempt to send print jobs to a different printer if your Ricoh printer isn’t set as the default option.
    • Regularly check the print spooler service: If this service is not functioning properly, it can cause your printer to go offline. Regularly restart this service to prevent any issues.
    • Check for hardware issues: Occasionally, your printer might go offline due to a hardware issue. Regular maintenance and inspection of the printer hardware can help prevent these issues.

Q: How do I reset my Ricoh printer when it’s showing an offline error?

A: Resetting your Ricoh printer can sometimes resolve an offline error. Here are the steps to do this :

    • Turn off your Ricoh printer.
    • Unplug the power cord from the back of the printer and the wall socket.
    • Leave the printer unplugged for about 60 seconds.
    • Plug the power cord back into the printer and the wall socket.
    • Turn the printer back on.
This power cycle often resets the printer’s internal memory and can resolve many issues, including the printer showing as offline.
Q: Does the printer offline error occur in both wired and wireless printers?
A: Yes, the offline error can occur in wired and wireless printer devices. Here’s a brief explanation for both scenarios:
  • Wired Setup: In a wired setup, the printer is connected to your computer or network via USB or Ethernet cables. If there is a problem with the cable (e.g., it’s damaged or not properly connected), your printer might appear offline. Additionally, if the specific USB or Ethernet port on your computer or router is malfunctioning, this could also cause an offline error.
  • Wireless Setup: The printer connects to your computer or network via Wi-Fi in a wireless setup. The printer might go offline if there are issues with the Wi-Fi signal, such as interference from other devices, too much distance between the printer and the router, or an unstable network. 
In both cases, troubleshooting should start with checking the connection (wired or wireless), then reviewing printer settings, printer drivers, and the print spooler service. It’s important to remember that the steps for resolving the offline error vary slightly based on whether you have a wired or wireless setup.

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