How To Update A Garmin Nuvi 255W?

Being a part of Garmin’s affordable line of GPS devices, Nuvi 255W’s important features constitute voice navigation, picture seeing, and a built-in battery for portable use. To refine its client’s experience, the company continuously makes an effort to update the device’s operating software. However, to take benefit of this, you need to download and install software updates via Garmin’s WebUpdator program.

Why I Am Unable To Update Garmin Nuvi 255W Device :

Sometimes, users see errors while updating. And such error takes place because of the following reason:

  • Your device doesn’t contain enough RAM storage to download and install Garmin Nuvi 255w’s updated version
  • Not able to connect to GPS device via USB
  • Unable to download the free Garmin Nuvi 255w update
  • Not able to update maps via Garmin express
  • A frozen screen of the GPS
  • Data loss at the time of updating Maps

How To Update Garmin Nuvi 255W :

If performed with care, you will definitely accomplish your task. Here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1: First, download and install WebUpdater, if needed.

STEP 2: After then, hook your Nuvi 255W to your PC with the help of Nuvi’s USB cable.

STEP 3: Now, it’s time to Run WebUpdater.

STEP 4: From the device list on WebUpdator, please pick your Nuvi 255W.

STEP 5: Next, allow the WebUpdater to look for software upgrades.

STEP 6: Hit the “Yes” button when asked to download and install the updates to your Nuvi 255W.


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