How To Fix Epson Printer Offline In Windows & Mac?

Ever had a moment where your Epson printer says it’s ‘Offline’ and won’t print? It’s such a pain. This annoying problem can stop you from getting your printing done. Even though Epson printers are pretty good, they can still have this issue. This blog will help you understand this problem better and show you how to fix it. Stick around as we dig into the ‘Epson Printer Offline‘ mess and clear things up for you.

Why Is My Epson Printer Offline : 

I know you’re looking for possible reasons why your Epson printer says it’s offline even when connected to WiFi. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Loose Wires:  Sometimes, the printer and computer are not correctly connected, making your printer appear offline.
  • Sleep Mode: If your printer is not used for a while, it can go into sleep mode and seem offline.
  • Wrong Printer Settings:  Sometimes, the wrong settings on your computer can make it think the printer is offline, even when not.
  • Outdated Printer Drivers: If your printer’s software (called drivers) is old or corrupt, it could show your printer as offline.
  • WiFi Connection Problems:  Even if your printer is connected to WiFi, your printer may show offline if the connection is weak or unstable.
  • Busy Printers: If your printer tries to do too many tasks simultaneously, it might throw a tantrum and appear offline.
  • A glitch in the System: Sometimes, for no reason, your printer or computer might have a little hiccup or glitch that causes your printer to go offline.

Remember, these are just a few common reasons, and other factors could also be at play. We’ll investigate these points and provide solutions in the following sections. Stick around to get your Epson printer back online!

How Do I Fix An Epson Printer That Is Offline In Windows Computer : 

If you are a Windows 10 or the latest Windows 11 user and getting printer offline error. Then check the following solutions to bring your printer from offline to online.

Double-Check Your Printer’s Connection :

  • Begin by ensuring that your printer’s power cord is securely plugged into a working electrical outlet and that the printer is turned on.
  • If you’re using a USB cable, double-check that it’s firmly plugged into the printer and the computer. Wiggle it gently to ensure it’s snug.
  • If your printer is wireless, check if the WiFi icon on the printer’s screen is lit. If not, you must reconnect your printer to your WiFi using the printer’s setup guide.

Make Sure Your Printer Isn’t Sleeping: Some printers go to sleep if they haven’t been used for a while. Wake your printer up by pressing any button on the printer. Usually, there’s a power or wake-up button that you can press.

Unplug and Plug Your Printer Again :

  • Sometimes, the old “turn it off and on again” trick can work wonders.
  • Unplug your printer from the power source, wait a minute, and then plug it back in. Sometimes, this can reset any minor glitches your printer may be having.

Try Restarting Your Printer and Computer :

  • If all else fails, turning your printer and computer off and on again can sometimes fix a lot of problems.
  • Start by turning off your printer using its power button. Please wait for a few moments, then turn it back on.
  • Do the same with your computer: restart it by clicking the “Start” button, the power icon, and choosing “Restart.”

Update Printer’s Drivers : 

  • Sometimes, the software that helps your computer talk to your printer (called drivers) needs updating.
  • You can do this by visiting the Epson website, searching for your printer model, and following their instructions to update your printer’s drivers.

Check Your Firewall Settings :

  • Some security programs or firewalls might prevent your printer from talking to your computer.
  • If you have a security program installed, try turning it off temporarily and see if your printer returns online.
  • I hope this helps! With these detailed steps, you can bring your Epson printer back online on a Windows computer.

Check Your Printer’s Status and Clear the Print Queue :

  • First, click on the little Windows icon at the bottom left of your computer screen. This is called the “Start” button.
  • In the Start menu, choose “Devices and Printers.” It will show you all the devices connected to your computer, including your printer.
  • Now, look for the icon that represents your Epson printer. When you find it, right-click on it and select “See what’s printing.” A new window will pop up, showing you a list of all the documents currently waiting to be printed.
  • At the top of this new window, you’ll see the “Printer” menu. Click on it. In the dropdown menu that appears, look for “Use Printer Offline.” If there’s a tick next to it, click “Use Printer Offline” to remove it. It tells your computer to switch your printer back to online mode.
  • While you’re still in this window, click on the “Printer” menu again, and select “Cancel All Documents.” A pop-up window will appear, asking if you want to cancel all documents. Click “Yes.” It will clear out any old print jobs that caused your printer to appear offline.

Make Sure Your Epson Printer is Set as the Default Printer :

  • Sometimes, your computer might try to send print jobs to the wrong printer. It is prevalent if you’ve used different printers with your computer before. It’s good to check if your Epson printer is set as the default printer.
  • To do this, click the “Start” button (the little Windows icon at the bottom left of your screen).
  • In the Start menu, choose “Devices and Printers.”
  • Find the icon for your Epson printer in the Devices and Printers window. It should have a green checkmark on it. If it doesn’t, it’s not set as the default printer.
  • To set your Epson printer as the default, right-click on its icon and choose “Set as default printer” from the dropdown menu.
  • Any print jobs you send from your computer will go to your Epson printer.

Fix Epson Printer is offline For Mac :

Reset Your Mac’s Printing System :

  • Go to the Apple menu, select ‘System Preferences’, and then choose ‘Printers & Scanners’.
  • In the Printers & Scanners pane, you’ll see a list of printers on the left-hand side. Right-click (or control-click) anywhere inside this printer list box.
  • You will see a hidden menu with the option ‘Reset printing system’. Click on it.
  • It will remove all printers from the list and reset all print queues and jobs. It’s like giving your printing system a fresh start.

Delete and Re-add Your Printer :

  • After resetting your printing system, add your Epson printer again.
  • In the same ‘Printers & Scanners’ pane, click the ‘+’ button to open up a list of printers available for adding.
  • Find your Epson printer in the list (ensure it’s turned on and not in sleep mode), select it, and click the ‘Add’ button.

Updating Your Printer Software :

  • Go to the Apple menu and click on ‘About This Mac’.
  • Click on ‘Software Update’. Any updates for your printer should appear here.
  • If you see an update for your printer, install it. It can often resolve printer offline issues.

Remember, troubleshooting technical issues may require patience, but with these steps, you’ll be better equipped to bring your Epson printer back online on your Mac system.

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