Garmin Express Not Working On Windows 10 ?

Have you ever faced a situation when Garmin Express Not Working On Windows PC? If Yes, then go through this article. It would let you know what you should do in such a situation. Generally, when you open the program, you see the following:

  • A message appears on the screen:“Garmin Express has stopped functioning”
  •  The message appears on the screen as: “An unexpected issue has arisen, you need to close Garmin Express”
  • The Garmin Express window is not appearing on the screen. Also, it shows no error message
  • It seems that Garmin Express auto-update is not working properly
  • Garmin Express won’t download anything
  • Garmin Express will not launch on Pc.

You tried to reinstall, but all in vain It may be possible that you have upgraded your PC’s Operating System and now you face difficulty while uploading to Garmin Connect via the Express version. The same happened for other devices like Edge 200, Edge 510, and Forerunner 110. All might be displaying the device manager but don’t show up as sub-USB mass storage devices in Explorer. At the time of launching Garmin Express, when you snap the ‘Add’ button, it doesn’t see any of the Garmin devices you are having. A possible cause for the error can be the incompatibility of the application in Windows 10. For suitable remedies, read out the next para:

How To Fix Garmin Not Working Windows 10?

1. Ensure that the newest version of Garmin Express is installed on your PC:

For this, you need to move to the Garmin website. There reinstall and download its latest version from the link provided. If you see the message ‘Garmin already installed’, it means the device already contains the app’s latest version.

2. Delete Garmin Express Configuration Files:

Corrupted application configuration files could also be responsible for the error. Deleting the configuration folder would allow you to be recreated, which will help in the successful launching of Garmin Express. Perform the given steps to delete the configuration files:

Step 1: First of all, press both Windows keys +R together.

Step 2: Now, type %localappdata%.

Step 3: After then, make right-click on the Garmin update_Ltd_or_its_subsid folder.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘Delete’ option.

Step 5: To confirm the deletion, hit YES.

3. Install the latest Microsoft Windows update:

Microsoft announces regular Windows updates with the purpose to provide relaxation to users from the app issues. Follow the given steps to install a driver in compatibility mode and thereafter run a test, as the installation completes.

Step 1: Search for the installer file location

Step 2: Now, right-click on a setup.exe file and then select the ‘Properties’ option

Step 3: Tap on compatibility and check the box ‘run this program in compatibility mode for’. After that, from the drop-down menu, pick Operating System and move on with the successful installation of the file

Step 4: Once you complete the process, restart your PC and see whether the issue still exists or not.

If not satisfied with the above solutions, be fast to connect with our team at “TechSquadLine”.

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