What To Do When You See “Mcafee Error 1603”?

Do you see “Error 1603” at the time you go for scanning your PC with ‘The McAfee antivirus suite’? Well, this type of destructive error takes place at the time of installation when the software fails to install. Also, users confront this error when they perform the update from MA 4.5 to 4.6. To curb this unwanted error, you seriously require the guidance of a tech geek. As they are experts in their field and provide users with the perfect remedy to prevent the error from occurring again in the future.
Although, you may try to deal with the situation on your own. For this, kindly read this article. It will let you know the steps to remove the error. Here, we have described all manual steps on ‘How To Fix McAfee Error Code 1603‘, perform them in ascending order, or approach ‘Mcafee Technical Team’ for more help.


Broken MSI registration for MA could be the possible reason for this error code appearing on your screen. The odds and ends continue to exist in the registry from older MA installations. The earlier one save the current releases from getting configured.


As soon as your PC is attacked by this error, upgrade and installation attempt both get failed. It doesn’t matter whether they are tried by a local or an IPO deployment task. It may also be possible for the affected user to manually eliminate the McAfee Agent. No matter whether you go for eliminating the agent, the issue doesn’t get fixed, the reason behind is continuous installation attempts that go in vain. To address the error follow technical steps as provided below.

How To Fix McAfee Error Code 1603? 

To solve the broken MSI registration for MA, go with the given steps:

Step 1: At the very start, perform a full MSI cleanup using the app downloaded from the web.

Step 2: You need to erase the MA entry from the MSI database situated on the client’s system.

Step 3: Following the above two steps, if the issue doesn’t get corrected, you may opt for using an escalation tool for removing a broken MSI registration for MA. As the utility removes a broken MSI registration, its use should be restricted to only those pc that is affected by this specific error.

Step 4: If not a single step helps you to overcome ‘McAfee error 1603’, then last but not least solution is to get help from McAfee Certified Engineers. Contacting them in the need of an hour would be the finest of all options. Within no time, you will get rid of this problem and its dreadful effects. You may also contact “Techsquadline” for assistance.

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